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PT. USMANTECH ENGINEERING merupakan perusahaan terdepan yang berada di Semarang Jawa Tengah dan bergerak di bidang IMPOR, PENGADAAN, DAN SUPPLY spareparts engineering untuk perusahaan OIL AND GAS, PETROCHEMICALS, PULP AND PAPERS serta GENERAL INDUSTRIES. Perusahaan kami juga bisa membantu untuk mencarikan dan mengadakan serta mengimpor spareparts dan unit seperti : BOILER/ BURNER CONTROLS, EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORIES ALTERNATE ENERGY SYSTEMS propane vaporizers, stand-by systems, peak-shave mixing systems, pumps, unloading stations, complete turn-key installations AMERICAN METER ( www.americanmeter.com ) gas regulators, metering equipment ANTUNES ( www.antunes.com ) air & gas pressure switches for combustion equipment ASCO ( www.ascovalve.com ) hydramotor & solenoid gas/ oil valves for combustion systems, ASCO RED HAT general purpose solenoids ASCO/ GENERAL CONTROLS ( www.ascovalve.com ) combustion valves and accessories ATKOMATIC special purpose solenoid valves, nema4, special applications AUBURN ignition electrodes & liquid level probes BACHARACH ( www.bacharach-inc.com ) combustion efficiency testing equipment BASO pilot gas safety valves, thermocouples, pilots, orifices, ignition controls BELL& GOSSETT pumps, heat exchangers, condensate transfer systems, steam traps, and regulators CASH/ ACME pressure reducing valves, steam, water, oil CCS ( www.ccsdualsnap.com ) pressure and temperature control switches CONBRACO/ APOLLO ( www.conbraco.com ) boiler gauge glass, relief valves, ball valves, tri-cocks DELAVAN oil nozzles for oil burners DONGAN ignition transformers for gas and oil burners DWYER INSTRUMENTS precision instruments for measuring, controlling, and transmitting pressure, temperature, level and flow DURABLA stainless steel check valves for feedwater service EAGLE SIGNAL electric timers and time delay devices ( purge timers) ECLIPSE COMBUSTION burners, mixers, blowers, combustion controls EVERLASTING lever actuated quick and slow opening blow down valves FIREYE flame safeguard programming, and primary burner controls GC VALVE ( www.gcvalves.com ) gas, oil, water, steam, & fluid solenoid control valves HONES/ BUZZER ( www.cahones.com ) furnaces, pipe burners, air mixers, ovens and cast iron burners. HONEYWELL ( www.Honeywell.com/ bbc) burner and boiler controls, hydramotor gas valves, IVT integrated valve trains, modutrol proportional motors, pressure and temperature controllers, thermostats, RM7800 series, BCS7700 series boiler control system, tradeline residential controls. JOHNSON/ BASO ( www.johnsoncontrols.com ) gas pilots, thermocouples, pilot safety valves, burner ignition controls, and pilot orifices. KANE-MAY ( www.ueitest.com ) portable combustion analyzers, dataloggers, test equipment KENT ABB meters for water, fuel oil, btu systems KUNKLE safety relief valves for steam, water, and air service. ASME LOCKWOOD boiler feed pumps, condensate return systems MARSH/ BELLOFRAM pressure gauges, I/ P & E/ P transducers, regulators, relays, thermometers, gauge cocks, precision gauges MAGNATROL VALVE general purpose solenoid valves, air, oil, gas, water, steam MAGNETROL float actuated, probe type pump controls, and low water controls MAXITROL ( www.maxitrol.com ) gas pressure regulators, modulating gas control valves AGA MAXON burners, safety shutoff valves, valves for special purpose application MERCURY gas metering correction devices for pressure/ temperature, remote reading, and telemetry, datalogging, solar or battery powered. MERCOID switches for pressure, temperature, differential McDONNELL-MILLER boiler feed valves, water level controls, low water cutoff controls, flow switches, pump controls, probe type lwco, auto blowdown controls MIDCO INTERNATIONAL ( www.midco-intl.com ) gas conversion burners, make-up air burners, tobacco barn heat exchanger burners, incinerator burners, and accessories NEPTUNE meters to measure and record flow, water, fuel oil, fluids PARTLOW/ WEST ( www.partlow.com ) solid state temperature controls, profile controls, recorders, mechanical temperature controls, gas modulating valves, pid control systems PENBERTHY high pressure gauge glass, water columns, tri-cocks PROTECTION CONTROLS multi burner, single burner flame controls, multi burner ignition transformers, first out annunciation systems, sensors, test equipment PYRONICS multi-burner flame safeguard panels, proportional mixers, combustion air blowers, premix burners, regulators, zero governors, air switches, pneumatic actuators, and accessories PYROMATION industrial thermocouples, protection tubes, thermocouple wire, connectors, rtd probes, accessories RAY BURNER CO. industrial oil, and gas/ oil burners for industrial boilers and furnaces RELIANCE water level controls for boilers and tanks ROBERTSHAW ( www.robertshaw.com ) uniline heating controls for residential and commercial applications, commercial and domestic cooking controls, thermocouples, pilots, thermopiles for millivolt systems, gas water heating temperature controls SCHLUMBERGER industrial gas regulators, gas meters, telemetry equipment TOPOG-E neoprene handhole and manhole gaskets for boilers and tanks H.O. TRERICE temperature regulators, remote bulb, indicating, thermometers YOKOGAWA vortex inline meters, flow computers, flow transmitters, temperature transmitters, calibration equipment for industrial applications WATTS relief valves, pressure regulators, backflow preventers WEKSLER pressure gauges, thermometers, snubbers WESTWOOD PRODUCTS electrodes, flamerods, ignition wire, connectors, and accessories WHITE RODGERS combination gas valves, ignition controls, limit switches, thermostats
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